Make Sense of CBD
Dosage With Droppy

Droppy helps you calculate your perfect dose
of CBD oil, based on your weight, age and symptoms.
Droppy’s charts allow you to keep track of your symptoms
and their improvement, while the calendar lets you
effortlessly schedule your dosage regimen.

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

Our easy-to-use calculator does the math for you.
Find out your daily dose of CBD oil and exactly how
many drops you need to take.

Schedule Your Dose

If you’re in a rush, Droppy will remind you to take
your CBD dose every day. The reminders are fully
customisable so you can even split your dose
and set up to two daily alarms.

Track Your Progress

Rate how you feel regularly to keep track of your
symptoms and analyse if the product you’re taking
is producing any benefits. You’ll even get access
to weekly and monthly reports to review your
CBD experiences.

Health Articles

Expand your knowledge with Droppy’s content
section. Content is sourced from reputable
publications to provide you with in-depth
articles on CBD hot topics.


Find out everything you need to know before taking CBD,
in one place. All questions about CBD that you may have
— Droppy will answer them for you.

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